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Brass 12 Sunburst Wall Clock in the Manner of George Nelson

Brass wall clock with 12 points. Measures 25.0″ in total diameter; middle portion only is 7.0″ and the clock is 2.0″ deep.

It has an 8-day movement which means it only needs to be wound once every week, and four jewels. Stones or jewels were developed in watches to reduce friction at the points of heaviest wear. When metal rubs against metal and when oil breaks down, the damage to pivots and bearings can be rapid and devastating in terms of watch repairs. So in a nutshell, in order to reduction wear and friction between two pieces of metal that rub against one another, watch makers use (today synthetic rubies) hard stones as friction points as they last a lot longer than metal.

No designer label or maker’s mark.

Price $950
Period Mid-20th Century
Condition Excellent
Measurements Height: 25.0"
Width: 25.0"
Depth: 25.0"
Diameter: 25.0"
Count 1
Material Polished Brass
Creator George Nelson
Country of Origin United States
Reference Number LU82588828433