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“At the Hollywood Party” Painting, French Painter Alvaro Guilot

Oil painting on canvas title “At The Hollywood Party” and signed by Alvaro Guillot. A surrealistic, provocative mostly monochrome depiction, this post Surrealist painting features one of Guillot’s signatures, the poppy. Alvaro Guillot (1931–2010) was a French artist born in Uruguay.[1] He was a notable exponent of the “new surrealist school”and was known as a satirist and raconteur as well as an immensely talented painter and writer. The very private artist counted Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Le Corbusier among his close friends.

Price $3,800
Period 1978
Condition Excellent
Measurements Height: 41.5"
Width: 35.75"
Depth: .75"
Count 1
Material Oiled Canvas, Wood
Creator Alvaro Guillot (Author)
Country of Origin France
Reference Number LU82588361343