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Little Abstract Expressionist Painting by Wesley Johnson

This little abstract painting has a wonderful contrast of lights and darks, abstract, yet never totally non-objective. Signed in right corner by artist Wesley Johnson. “Johnson was a pupil of Howard Warshaw and the French painter AndrĂ© Lhote. The cubist style of Warshaw, combined with the airy and light feeling of impressionism and the abstraction of expression, influenced Johnson’s style of painting. His paintings often contain large, sweeping strokes, but a subtle use of color that evocative of his spontaneous, non-objective style”.

Price $650
Period 1980s
Condition Excellent
Measurements Height: 9.75"
Width: 10.75"
Depth: .75"
Count 1
Material Canvas, Paint
Creator Wesley Johnson (Artist)
Country of Origin United States
Reference Number LU82588361153