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Oil on Canvas of a Nude Girl by Michael Dormer

Michael Dormer was an American Fine artist, writer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and creator of the 1960s TV show Shrimpenstein.

Shortly before his death in 2012, he wrote this short statement about his work: “I’ve always considered myself an experimentalist. My subject matter is often whimsical or mysteriously off-beat. I’ve been told that my work reflects my personality pretty accurately. I follow no particular established schools of painting and consider my works essentially excursions into alternate fantasy dimensions. Odd creatures abound in these regions and strange allegories unfold. New languages are born and mingle freely with conjured-up communicative symbols. My paintings are windows looking out into new places at new things.”

Price 380 reduced from $650
Condition Fair
Measurements Width 12"
Depth 1"
Height 21.5"
Count 1
Material canvas
Creator Michael Dormer
Country of Origin United States