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Playful Set of Four Geometric Wood Sconces

These unusual four sconces are carved in a solid chunk of precious woods.
They have geometric shapes and can be a playful set in an entrance.

Each piece can only be hung as pictured and each has a different shape and measurements.

Top triangle: 16.25 D/ 5.38 W/ 6.50 H
Second triangle: 9.0 D/ 5.25 W/ 4.75 H
Third triangle: 5.0 D/ 11.0 W/ 9.75 H
Curved shape: 8.0 D/ 8.0 W/ 7.75 H.

Price $2,400
Period 1960s
Condition Excellent
Measurements Height 6.5"
Width 5.38"
Depth 16.25"
Count 4
Material Wood
Country of Origin United States
Reference Number LU82586944503