Artist on the Rise, Derek J. Simons | Bio

• B. 1985
• 2000-2004: American Heritage Academy - Arts Track
• 2004-2008: BA Liberal Arts - University of Central Florida

Derek Simons is a multidisciplinary artist and painter originally from Castro Valley, CA. Over a 15 year period, he has developed an emerging self-taught aesthetic while taking an untraditional approach to picture making. His paintings include a patchwork of randomized techniques formed through trial and error, producing sporadically changing styles from year to year.

While continually studying art history, he forgoes the academic and conceptual methodology and instead uses computer-aided digital editing, graphic design, projectors, and found imagery. The process does not engage in making sketches by hand-drawing nor attempting to “create” new illustrations. He finds the abundance of already existing images as inspiration enough to expropriate and transform; applying his compositions to canvas with a focused and almost surgical control.

Derek co-operated a contemporary art gallery from 2016-2019, generating shows in New York, LA, Houston and San Francisco. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.


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