CLOSING DOWN, MOVING ON | Galerie Sommerlath's time in LA comes to an end

November 15, 2019 

Dear Friends,

The world of unique furniture and art dealing has taken me from Paris to the shores of Venice Beach. I've been fortunate enough to have dedicated my life to curating beautiful things for my clients' beautiful spaces.

Sadly, nothing lasts forever. The market has changed and as a business owner, I have always been one to adapt. I now must embark on a new journey. At the end of December, we will be packing up from West Jefferson and looking towards something better and more fulfilling for me and my business. I don't know what that something is just yet but you all will be the first ones to hear about it!

My time in LA would be nothing without the wonderful, like-minded people who have patronized my several locations over the years...some of you may remember Abbott Kinney!

All that said, please feel free to make an offer on all our inventory either through our new website or simply emailing. I hope to see some of your familiar faces this holiday season. Thanks again for all the good times!

Best Wishes,

Michele Sommerlath
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I am terribly saddened to know you are leaving your Jefferson Street location. I hope I can figure out a way to make the 400 mile plus drive before that becomes a reality.

Kathleen Hohalek

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