The Black and White Wall : an homage to the 20th-Century Arts and Design celebrated at Galerie Sommerlath

The Black and White Wall : an homage to the 20th-Century Arts and Design celebrated at Galerie Sommerlath

The interplay between black and white in arts and design has been a timeless subject. Throughout the 20th century, this iconic color combination has been a powerful force, evoking emotions, making bold statements, and offering a unique aesthetic experience.

The Symbolism of Black and White

Black and white hold profound symbolic meanings that have transcended centuries. In many cultures, black symbolizes mystery, elegance, and power, while white represents purity, peace, and loyalty. Artists have harnessed these symbolic associations to convey their ideas, emotions, and social commentary through their creations. The absence of color allows the viewer to focus on the contrasting tones, highlighting the inherent beauty and strength of black and white.

Black and White in Painting

Painting has long been a medium for exploring the interplay of black and white. Artists like Kazimir Malevich, with his iconic "Black Square," and Ad Reinhardt, with his monochromatic black paintings, challenged the traditional notions of art, emphasizing the importance of form, texture, and composition. Pierre Soulages, the abstract French painter, dedicated his work for more than 40 years solely to the color black. These works pushed boundaries, inviting viewers to contemplate the infinite possibilities contained within the simplicity of black and white. This juxtaposition of colors creates dynamic patterns and engages the viewer in a dialogue between positive and negative space. At Galerie Sommerlath, we have a David Segel Black and White Abstract that pays homage to Malevich's "Black Square" in a dual manner. It shows the black square labeled white and the white one labeled black, as if the artist was trying to challenge our preconceptions about what we see.

Black and White in Photography

Black and white photography has a rich history that stretches back to the early days of the medium. It allows photographers to capture the essence of a subject, emphasizing texture, light, and shadow. Figures like Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier-Bresson mastered the art of black and white photography, immortalizing powerful landscapes and candid moments in history. The absence of color in these images often amplifies the emotional impact, evoking a sense of timelessness and nostalgia. That's how Michele Sommerlath curated two mid-century pieces featuring trains. She loved how the photographer captured a sense of stillness and movement at the same moment. They are not yet available online, but will be soon! If you're in Pasadena you can come admire them on our Black and White Wall.

The Black and White Wall at Galerie Sommerlath

Galerie Sommerlath in Pasadena celebrates the enduring legacy of black and white in the art world. The Black and White Wall features the works of talented artists like Christopher McBrennan, Joan Carl Strauss, or David Segel. Each artist brings their unique perspective to the canvas, exploring the contrast, depth, and emotional resonance that black and white can evoke. Through their diverse styles and subjects, these artists invite viewers to contemplate the intricate interplay of light and shadow.

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