Design Services

Michele Sommerlath is excited to help her most prized clients with purchasing and arranging furniture and art to make their homes beautiful, stylish and timeless. She offers a service called “Design Eclair”, which is an alternative to a traditional design service. Like the variety of unusual and eclectic furniture and art Michele offers at all her spaces, she understands that every client’s design needs are different and very personal. One client may want help purchasing a few new pieces of art and hanging the collection they already own in a new home. Another client may want help updating a living room or a bedroom. And yet another might want help furnishing a home as a rental – while they spend a year abroad. For a flat rate, Michele Sommerlath will incorporate her expansive knowledge of art and design into a basic plan. She will offer advice about what to keep and what to get rid of, create a floor plan with space, scale in mind, make purchase suggestions and create an easy to follow guide to redesign and recreate a beautiful space.

For her clients that prefer a traditional designer experience, she and her staff will happily meet in person and provide personal design advice. Rates for the traditional service are upon request.