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“Fertility” African Sculpture by the Lobi People

Carved wood figure by West African Lobi People.

“The Lobi People live in a vast geographical area that stretches from Burkina Fasso, to the Ivory Coast and into Ghana. Lobi bateba figures have a wide degree of style and are made for a wide range of purposes. In Lobi communities anyone can learn to carve, it is not limited to people with specialized training. Lobi bateba figures are believed to be able to act in behalf of their owner, they are considered a living being and have the ability to act out against forces that could harm it’s owner or bring good things to it’s owner depending on it’s intended purpose.” This statue was made to ensure a successful birth.

Price $1,200
Period 20th Century
Condition Excellent. minor loss on the base.
Measurements Height: 37.0"
Width: 7.0"
Depth: 6.5"
Count 1
Material Carved Wood
Country of Origin Ghana
Reference Number LU82589750771