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Large Painting by Doug Edge

Doug Edge (1942- ) is a renowned conceptual sculptor, painter, and photographer in Los Angeles, California. Edge was a member of the acrylic resin sculpture movement in the late 1960s. He taught at the University of California Santa Barbara from 1974-1985.
Edge began showing his work in the late 1960s and continues to produce and exhibit work.
He did in his long career many solo and group exhibitions in California and New York and his work is part of the collection of museums in California, New York and Washington.
This painting is part of a series titled “Containers Series” inspired by the “Containers Ships” series.
About this series he said “I have been playing with an idea of a painting where representation and abstraction are autonomous on the same picture plane. Abstraction with no compromise and representation with no compromise.
The container ship at sea became the perfect subject. It is the main way for a product to travel in the new global economy. It is a large floating container for many stacked smaller containers each container carrying its own story.

Price $8500
Period 2010
Condition Excellent.
Measurements Height: 61.25"
Width: 49.25"
Depth: 1.5"
Count 1
Material Canvas, Paint
Creator Doug Edge
Country of Origin United States
Reference Number LU825811283353