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Set of Four Burin Engravings by Albert Decaris

Exceptional set of four limited edition “burin” engraving featuring the four regimes in France history. They are sold together but posted separately to be able to show all the details. See last picture and other listings by typing Decaris. Decaris was the best and most notorious French engravers of the 20th century, with a strange mix of classicism and audacity. They have been made by French artist Albert Decaris (1901-1988): One of France’s foremost engravers of the 20th century. Albert Decaris created a major oeuvre of original engravings and etchings, both as individual plates and as illustrations for

“Livres d’artistes”

He collaborated to the Art-Deco International Exhibition of 1937 in Paris where he realized 300 square meters of paintings and to the International Exhibition of New York in 1938 for which he did a huge painting ‘The Plague’. He was hold in equally high esteem for his architectural, historical, landscape, portrait and figurative engravings. In 1962 Decaris was named the official painter of the Marine Francaise.

Price $3,600
Period 1950-1959
Condition Excellent
Measurements Height: 19.25"
Width: 15.87"
Depth: 1.37"
Count 1
Material Engraved Paper, Wood
Creator Albert Decaris
Country of Origin France
Reference Number LU82589571923