Collection: Mother's Day

If you're looking to celebrate Mother's Day with a unique and meaningful gift, consider purchasing art or sculptures from Galerie Sommerlath. Galerie Sommerlath is a premier art and mid-century furniture shop located in Los Angeles, California, offering a diverse selection of contemporary and vintage pieces.

Their collection includes a wide range of mediums, from oil paintings and mixed media to bronze sculptures and ceramics, all created by established and emerging artists from around the world. Purchasing art or sculptures from Galerie Sommerlath is not only a beautiful and thoughtful gift for Mother's Day but also a valuable investment for your home or office decor. Plus, with our online store, you can easily browse and shop from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you're looking for a vibrant abstract painting to brighten up a room or a stunning bronze sculpture to add elegance to a space, Galerie Sommerlath has something for every taste and budget. Don't wait until the last minute - shop now and give your mother a gift she'll cherish for a lifetime.