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Galerie Sommerlath

"A Visitor from Beyond" a White Plaster Statue

"A Visitor from Beyond" a White Plaster Statue

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This captivating folk art sculpture crafted in white plaster creatively explores the mysterious Arcturian aliens' world. The figure of the alien girl, with her elongated skull, extended neck, slim jaw, and filiform body, and the subtle tension in her arms stretched backward awakens our collective memory who has always wondered about the real or fantastic presence of extraterrestrial creatures stepping out of their UFO and emerging onto our planet for the first time.

The Arcturian aliens themselves are a fascinating topic of debate within New Age and UFO-related contexts. While some maintain that they are a highly advanced and benevolent species residing on a planet orbiting the star Arcturus, their existence remains speculative and unconvinced. Still, it is fascinating enough to inspire numerous artists.
Apparently, this artist was convinced about their existence and created this softer version to persuade us.
The piece rests on a 3 inches black lacquer base (. (attached with earthquake paste to be able to ship it riskless)

The choice of white plaster as a medium for this sculpture not only enhances its ethereal and extraordinary quality but also creates a ghostly presence, suggesting the possibility of another multiverse. The ambiguity surrounding what is visible and what is not, what we know and what we don't, invites us to reflect on the vast mysteries of the universe and our place within it.
Overall, this sculpture is a highly aesthetic piece possessing both artistic and philosophical value.

PERIOD: Late 20th Century
CONDITION: Excellent
MEASUREMENTS: Height: 24" Diameter: 7"
MATERIAL: Plaster, Wood

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