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Red, Orange and Yellow Abstract Pastel by French Painter France Cami

Red, Orange and Yellow Abstract Pastel by French Painter France Cami

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In this abstract piece drawn with pastels by French painter France Cami, signed and dated 1978, one observes a circular form, composed by two parts almost symmetrical, initially offering a sense of equilibrium. However, a deeper look reveals the emergence of two distinct cells, akin to dizygotic twins, highlighting an interplay of opposing forces, while revealing their intrinsic interdependence and complementary nature.

This artwork embodies a profound duality, close to ancient Chinese philosophy's Yin and Yang. Just as we, human beings, find ourselves situated between two polarities – the Earth beneath our feet and the boundless Sky above. These two realms possess fundamentally contrasting characteristics. The Earth is substantial, measurable, and quantifiable, while the Sky remains immeasurable, weightless, subtle, and ethereal.

The vibrant orange and red hues within the painting symbolize the essence of life itself, rather than conveying notions of suffering or injury. They serve as a reminder that blood, coursing from the heart, is the vital force sustaining existence, akin to a rhythmic pulse infusing beauty into the very fabric of life. Yellow, the color of the sun, stands as a symbol of renewal, and vitality. It represents the source of light, allowing the existence of nights, carrying the promise of rejuvenation rather than fading into obscurity. These opposing yet indissolubly complementary forces remind us that one cannot exist without the other; they only derive meaning in relation to each other. They undergo gradual transformation into one another.

This oil painting is truly a marvel, resembling the fiery eye of a comet, a sphere of existence that burns with unwavering intensity, never truly extinguishing.

PERIOD: 1970-1979
CONDITION: Excellent
MEASUREMENTS: Height: 23.5" Width: 19" Depth: 0.5"
CREATOR: France Cami

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