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Submarine Dystopia #1 Futuristic Underwater Landscape Gouache

Submarine Dystopia #1 Futuristic Underwater Landscape Gouache

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During the 1960s, artists and illustrators were involved in various science fiction projects that enabled them to freely express themselves and be a part of this literary, cinematic, and visual art movement.

The genre of science fiction was heavily influenced by two events following World War II: the development of the atomic bomb, which activated a collective fear of a possible end of the world, and the onset of the Cold War and accompanying anti-communist paranoia. These events gave rise to numerous apocalyptic stories, as well as visual works and cartoons that anticipated a dystopian future.

A dystopia (name given to this work) is a fictional portrayal of a society where citizens are deprived of their free will, and their leaders exercise absolute authority, without constraints such as separation of powers. Individuals are trapped within this system with no means of escape.

The science fiction of the 60s often focused on the skies, but the mysteries beneath the ocean's surface offer an interesting world of wonder. Submarine Dystopia #1’s composition excludes the existence of a world beyond the water, featuring a submerged mountain surrounded by three motorised machines - two on the ground, and one flying like a patrol plane. Bubbles escape from the first two vehicles, which could evoke the presence of living and breathing beings. The colour palette is wisely chosen, using blue in a way that avoids feeling suffocating and creates the illusion of a possible submarine world.
In science fiction, artists depict new worlds that challenge observers to consider the limits and potential end of the present world. Depicting underwater landscapes prompts questions about the possibility of humans creating an undersea society or a select few escaping a cataclysmic event by reorganising themselves.

We do not know anything about the artist, but Its precise drawing suggests the artist may have strong experience sketching for publishing houses or film studios.

PERIOD: 1960-1969
CONDITION: Excellent
MEASUREMENTS: Height: 19.88" Width: 39.88" Depth: 0.88"
MATERIAL: Paper, Painted

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