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Galerie Sommerlath

Surrealist Drawing

Surrealist Drawing

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Since its birth in the early 20th century, surrealism has seduced and disconcerted. Emanating from a desire to transgress the boundaries of reason and explore the depths of the unconscious, this artistic movement often eludes traditional analysis.

This pencil drawing takes us on a poetic, fantastical journey initiated by an artist, probably Mexican, whose signature appears difficult to decipher. The scene describes an assemblage of figures in a festive atmosphere, perhaps even a street music band, and invites us to contemplate a universe where the usual rules of logic are suspended.

Its primary characteristic is its freedom from rationality. Its anthropomorphic figures resemble a daydream, with human, animal, and plant attributes blending into a harmonious whole despite their apparent incongruity. The artist does not seek to be understood but rather to unclutter our minds from the tyranny of univocal interpretations, transforming his work into an experience of freedom. There are men with thin mustaches, one with a cigarillo probably playing accordion, another with saxophone and instruments, and also the inclusion of women with scarves tied on their heads in gypsy style. A powerful reminder of the potent symbolism of gypsies in surrealist art, often associated with magic, wandering, and resistance in the face of a conformist society.

Standing up to black and white, the inlay of red, called the most attention-grabbing hue, serves as a visual guide. By circumscribing the location of this color to two precise elements, the « pantalón de charro » of one of the men and the boho head scarf worn by a woman, the artist instructs us on where the gaze should focus. In this precise context, red could then be interpreted as a representation of the passion and life animating the musicians.

A work that definitively leaves us dreaming, imbued with both lightness and depth.

PERIOD: Mid-20th Century
MEASUREMENTS: Height: 15.25" Width: 18.13" Depth: 1.5"
MATERIAL: Paper, Wood

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