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Galerie Sommerlath

“Whispers of Eternity” Green and Pink Semi Abstract Lithograph

“Whispers of Eternity” Green and Pink Semi Abstract Lithograph

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This semi-abstract lithograph numbered x/y, and entitled “Whispers of Eternity”, invites us to immerse in a scene where the boundaries between the tangible and the ethereal blend until they become one. Formed by a combination of abstraction and suggestions shaped by identifiable forms, the artist offers us transcendence in a space where time stops to give way to a contemplative reverie.

"Whispers of Eternity" appears in a harmonious convergence of colors interacting with dynamic elements that suggest the use of a tool that engraves (white lines), another that could be a stamp (for hearts), and perhaps a few living petals and leaves glued and integrated into the original plate used to initiate the lithography. Looking closer, subtle details emerge, each element imbued with energy, a powerful and subtle background work by the artist, an organization of deeper layers of meaning and emotions to fill the space.

Two figures emerge from this tapestry of minimal colors and shapes, two hearts, delicate floral elements and finely engraved lines almost resembling writing. Hearts, the pulsating warmth, and the ability to love and forgive symbolize the eternal bond between souls, while the flowers, with their delicate petals and unfurlings, represent the beauty and ephemeral quality of life itself.

A soft, luminous green permeates the canvas, evoking serenity and introspection. Each action brought by the artist to the work seems to echo the whispers of the cosmos, inviting us to immerse ourselves in the mystery of existence.

If the painting resists easy interpretation, its evocative power lies in its capacity to stir the imagination and awaken the soul. “Whispers of Eternity” takes us on a journey of self-discovery and inner exploration.

By engaging in painting, we can find ourselves drawn into a dialogue with the infinite, where time and space dissolve in a timeless dance between analysis and poetry. In this meditative space, the boundaries between self and the universe blur, offering a glimpse of the eternal in the ephemeral.

“Whispers of Eternity” is more than a piece of art to hang on the wall. It is a portal to unseen realms, a testament to the limitless potential of the human spirit to seek beauty and meaning amidst the chaos of existence. Certainly, an invitation to pause, reflect, and embrace the ineffable mysteries that lie beyond the veil of perception.

PERIOD: Late 20th Century
CONDITION: Excellent
MEASUREMENTS: Height: 16.5" Width: 20.5" Depth: 0.75"
MATERIAL: Mixed Media

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