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Colorful Square Abstract by Leonard Lee Rowles

Colorful Square Abstract by Leonard Lee Rowles

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Nestled in the red earth of what could be a desert and reminiscent of the arid expanses of New Mexico or the sunny terrain of Sierra Leone emerges a scene of a fragmented village where elements are organized and the point of view is plural. Here, the principles of cubism are embodied as geometric shapes intertwine in the middle of a fractured sky of azure hues. The volumes are represented using minimalist forms, triangles, rectangles, and simplistic figures. The perspective evaporates, and the elements of the village simplified to the extreme are simultaneously described from different points of view, in space and a single image. Each structure testifies to an essence of fragmented reality, a deconstructed materiality that reveals itself in many colors and angles. A dance of shapes and radiant colors is articulated in a stained glass style.

Cézanne said about cubism: “Treat nature through the cylinder, the sphere, the cone, all put into perspective, that is, each side of an object, of a plane, moves towards a central point.”

A subtle mystical invocation hides in the middle of this whirlwind of forms and colors. The fiery earth's stone, juxtaposed with the celestial blue of the fragmented sky, hints at a deeper connection between the earthly realm and the divine. Through the prism of Cubism, the village becomes not only a physical entity but a spiritual beacon, calling contemplation on the interaction between the material and the ethereal.

Leonard Lee Rowles, a 20-year Navy Veteran, discovered his passion for painting in 2013. Focusing on abstraction, Rowles explores the intersection of form, color, and emotion in his works. His unique perspective as a military veteran adds depth and complexity to his artistic expression.

PERIOD: 21st Century
CONDITION: Excellent
MEASUREMENTS: Height: 41" Width: 41" Depth: 1.75"
CREATOR: Leonard Lee Rowles

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